The innovative wheel alignment system.

Racing is full of surprises. Your wheel alignment does not have to be one of them. Take control. Choose the SetupWizzard.

SetupWizzard is the innovative vehicle measuring tool developed by motorsport specialist CP Tech. With SetupWizzard suspension measurement and adjustment are elevated to a whole new level!

Time is of the essence, not only on the track but in every aspect of motorsports. SetupWizzard delivers results in just minutes. Easy. Quick. And precise.

Homemade innovation

The innovative wheel alignment system SetupWizzard from CP Tech ensures perfect suspension measurement of toe, camber and corner weights at the race track. An optional ride-height measurement system is also available.

  • timer

    Save valuable time between practice sessions on a race weekend

  • build

    Quick and easy assembly of measurement system

  • done_all

    Easily accessible suspension components

  • network_check

    Increased measurement accuracy compared to conventional systems

  • view_quilt

    Modular design subject to customer demands


Winner 24h Nürburgring 2015 & 2016

(2015: Audi Sport WRT, 2016: Mercedes-AMG Black Falcon)

Championship winner Porsche Carrera Cup 2016 & 2017

(Konrad Motorsport)

Championship winner Formula E 2017

(Abt Schaeffler Formula E Team)

Vice Championship winner Formula E 2018

(Abt Schaeffler Formula E Team)

Championship winner European GT4 class AM 2018

(Racing One)

Vice Championship winner European GT4 class AM 2018

(Schwede Motorsport)

Championship winner IMSA Weathertech GTD series 2018

(Paul Miller Racing)

Championship Winner Pro-AM Lamborghini Middle East Series 2017

(Konrad Motorsport)

Modul Easy
Best of both worlds – our time-saving addition to the classic batter board.

  • Easy measurement of toe angle
  • Easy measurement of track width

Modul Basic
High end measuring technology in the simplest way of use.

  • Measurement of toe angle via laser
  • Easy measurement of track width
  • Laser supported adjustment of support platforms
  • Precise measurement of vehicle height

Modul Pro
Our undisputed bestseller for the most demanding teams worldwide:

  • Measurement of wheel load distribution on the setup wheels
  • Measurement of camber via inclinometer
  • Measurement of toe angle via laser
  • Processing and storing of measured data
  • Laser supported adjustment of support platforms

SetupWizzard Products in Comparison

Scope of supply
Setup wheel
incl. vehicle specific wheel adapters and stands
Support platform
Measuring platform
weight measurement and data processing
Laser leveller
incl. stand
Height measurement
Charging device
incl. eneloop accumulators
Rule for toe angle measurement
via batter board
Measurement of toe angle via laser
Rule for track width measurement
incl. measuring and data processing software
Flight case OrderOrder

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