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Modul Easy Product number: 611590

Best of both worlds – our time-saving addition to the classic height gauges

Easy measurement of toe angle
Easy measurement of track width

Please select a vehicle
This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered.

More information


Setup wheels including vehicle specific adapters
Support/levelling platform (without corner weight scales)
Ruler for toe measurement with the customer‘s own toe string frame


Easy measurement of toe angle
Easy measurement of track width
Setup wheel with adaption area for drop height measurement
Area to measure camber via camber gauge


Access to chassis significantly easier
Measurement fluctuations caused by tires are prevented
Unhindered movement of chassis minimises friction to almost zero
Possible upgrade to Modul Basic or Modul Pro
Unser Ansprechpartner für Sie: Herr Teubert

Your direct contact person

Urs Teubert

+49 2955 4849-594

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